Samsung Galaxy 5 Vs. Apple iPhone 6: Which One Should You Buy?

iPhone 6 started selling on September 19th and as people around the world look forward to owning this flagship smartphone, many are wondering how it is compares to other smartphones.

Of course, a comparison would be between iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, which is one of the most coveted smartphones in the market today. Here is a comparison of the two devices


Well, when it comes to design, galaxy 5 isn’t that big of a leap from its predecessor Galaxy S4. The corners are still round and includes a faux leather backing inherited from the Note Series, though many people don’t like it.

The iPhone 6 isn’t that huge in terms of design for its predecessor iPhone 5S. However, it looks premium. The addition of rounded edges and faux leather is pretty convincing and is aimed at making the device feel comfortable in the hand


The iPhone 6 displays better that iPhone 5S, but the improvement isn’t something to get too excited about. On the other hand, galaxy5 has a large display, coming at 5.1 inches vs. Apple’s 4.7 screen on its flagship smart phone iPhone 6. This isn’t as convincing considering the fact that many people prefer smaller smartphones.

Processing speed

Apple introduced its latest A8 processor in the iPhone 6. Although the company has not announced the speed of the processor, reports say that it could be about 1.4GHz.

Samsung galaxy 5 has a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor. That means that the A8 processor could potentially go faster than Samsungs’ processor, but in real sense, it shouldn’t.

Storage and memory

It’s quite unfortunate that Apple couldn’t upgrade the amount of RAM. You will continue using 1GB in your iPhone 6.

This compared to Samsung Galaxy’s 3GB RAM, the iPhone 6 is no match. If you are looking for a device that will allow you to multitask and run high power games then you should go for galaxy S5.

If you are an average user then you should go for 1GB RAM. For storage, iPhone 6 comes with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of storage space while Samsung comes with either 16GB or 32GB. But you can use a memory card on the S5 for more storage space.


The iPhone 6 has optical image stabilization but iPhone 6 does not come with this. This should be iPhone’s strong hold but Samsung galaxy S5’s 16MP sensor is no match as far as pixel resolution is concerned.

You should, however, keep in mind the fact that megapixel is not what makes a great camera. The camera of the iPhone 6 has an aperture of f/2.2 and digital stabilization-still not that bad.

When it comes to the front camera, S5 still leads with a 2MP camera compared with iPhone 6’s 1.2 MP.

Availability and pricing

The Galaxy 5 is being sold at $200 on contract. The iPhone 6 comes at the same price. Both devices are sold at $650 off contract.

When it comes to size, the iPhone 6 trumps S5. It is 2 mm thinner and 5 mm narrower which makes it easier to use. In addition to that the iPhone 6 has aluminum back which isn’t grippy. The curved edges are just amazing when it comes to handling the device. The water resistance aspect is another thing that has given GalaxyS5 an upper hand.

If you are always using your mobile phone around the swimming pool or when going to the bathroom then you should go for galaxy 5. The iPhone 6 is also delicate and you would think twice before putting it down, and to make it worse, even the slightest scratch is visible.


As far as specifications are concerned, Samsung Galaxy S5 takes over as the best smartphone. But the design of the iPhone 6 seems a little more premium and with its iOS 8, the device may sway many users who are used to the Apple interface and would prefer using devices from the company. This might not be the only reason. Some users may not need the superior features offered by Samsung Galaxy S5.

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A Closer Look at Samsung S5 vs. LG G3

Although LG may be flying under the radar more than its Korean rival Samsung, it does not mean that the company hasn’t released one of the best smartphones in the market. So, how does LG’s best phone LG3 compare with Samsung’s flagship Samsung Galaxy 5?

The G3 is bigger but not by a huge margin. Compared to galaxy 5, the G3 is 3% longer 3% wider and 10% thicker. And when you hold the GS5 in your hand, it feels more natural, but it is not that much different from its counterpart.

The weight and size of the G3 makes it ideal for people looking for a smartphone that can easily fit in the pocket. The G3 gives you a screen that is 16% bigger, thanks to the slim bezels below and above the screen. It goes without saying that the screen is the G3’s killer feature.

Below the screen of GS5, you will find back, home and recent apps buttons. On the other hand, the G3 uses virtual versions of the very same buttons on its screen. However, LG allows you to select apps that you can hide the navigation keys in. That means that you can have the full 5.5 inch screen to yourself.

Both smartphones come with faux plastic. Galaxy5 has outlandish faux leather with dimples on it. Well, it looks a little odd. But all in all, it has soft touch finish that feels very comfortable on the hand. You won’t find any of this in the G3. It’s made of plastic, which gives it the advantage of being light.

The G3’s screen is sharper. The G3 comes with a Quad HD (2,560 by 1,440) display or 538 pixels per inch. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) display or 432 pixels per inch.

As far as pixels are concerned, it means that when you put the two phones side by side, you will not notice dense pixels in the G3. It’s clear that it is indeed the sharpest screen you can find on a smartphone today. But alas, GS5’s display isn’t as disappointing as those pixels on the G3 might suggest. As a matter of fact, not all eyes will spot the difference between the two screens. While the G3’s sharp screen is a big plus, it wouldn’t be advisable to base your decision on this alone.

The Quad HD display on the G3 has its own share of disappointments. You will notice some minor sluggish performance while navigating around the settings menu, apps and home screen. This is strange considering the fact that it is LG’s flagship smartphone, not to mention its Snapdragon 801 processor. To fix the G3’s lag issue, it is important that you switch from Dalvik runtime to Android runtime.

Both phones have an amazing camera, but the G3 is the best if you are looking for a smartphone with a good resolution. First, it is fast. You can literally go from sleep mode to snapping a picture in less than 3.5 seconds. The GS5 takes about 6 seconds to capture an image.

The G3’s camera is sophisticated such that you can simply capture an object with that point in focus. The G3 will fire a laser beam that measures the distance between the subject and the phone, making it easier bring it into focus.

The autofocus gives the G3 an upper hand and its actually the smartphone’s second killer feature. The shooting process is pretty fast. By the way, do you know that the Galaxy S5 comes with a swipe based finger print sensor? It allows you to maintain the privacy of your device and can be integrated with other third party apps like LastPass and PayPal. You won’t find this in the G3.

Another killer feature that gives the galaxys5 an upper hand is its water and dust resistant screen. It can be placed in 3.3 ft of water for 30 minutes and still work. The G3 is an amazing smartphone. It has a huge screen and a small body but its laggy performance is quite disappointing. Meanwhile, the galaxy 5 is still a good choice. It is manageable and the fingerprint sensors are just amazing.

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Samsung Galaxy S5-Everything You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy 5 was officially released in 150 countries in 11th April 2014. When you order the smartphone in the U.S, it will come to T-Mobile, MetroPCS, U.S Cellular, Verizon wireless, Sprint and AT&T. You can also pick it up at various retail stores. The price of the smartphone varies depending on the country and wireless provider.


Before GS5 was released, there were rumors that the smartphone will be made of metal. The reality is that many got disappointed to find the smartphone’s body was all plastic.

This is, however, fitting with the Samsung’s mode of operation. When asked, the company used reasons of weight, price and durability to defend its decision of using plastic. Compared to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S4, the S Galaxy 5 comes with an improved physical design.

The fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner in the GS5 is an optional biometric that can be used to unlock the phone. It can also be used to authenticate PayPal payments. If you have a family, you can log up to 3 finger prints. This is also a good feature if you are looking to unlock your device with fingers on both hands.

The new heart rate monitor

Samsung has upgraded its S health app, integrated a heart rate monitor and release a range of fitness bands into the Gear fit band and Samsung gear 2 smartwatch. Samsung galaxy 5 is looking to grow convergence of personal and health technology.

There is a small sensor on the back of the galaxy 5 that logs your vitals, enabling you to track over time. The feature gives Samsung a competitive advantage in fitness; however, they would make the most impact in the fitness and small wearables market.

Why Samsung made the phone water resistant

Samsung’s move to include the water resistant features came with many questions. Why didn’t they implement it in the first place? You should, however, note that Samsung is not claiming true water proofing. But it has IP67 military spec, meaning that the smartphone can stay at a depth of 1 meter under water for about 30 minutes

What about the wireless charger?

Samsung galaxy S5 dies not have any wireless charging integrated. However, you can buy an accessory


Is Samsung Hub gone forever?

The answer to this would be yes and no. While it is no preloaded on the phone, you can still download as many apps as you want. Samsung has gone a mile reduce bloatware; therefore, removing the Hub before installing is a small concession to achieve a balance if all features that require big space that Samsung still includes as part of the galaxys5.

What’s new to the interface?

Yes. Samsung has added new features to its TouchWiz interface. You will be able to notice this in the organized camera app, the settings menu and notification tray. The virtual keyboard has also been tweaked and there are amazing wall papers. When you look carefully, you will notice that some apps have been renamed.

How fast is the camera?

Well, Samsung claims that Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fast camera and performs feats of autofocus in just 0.3 seconds. The focusing is exceeding rapid and what that means is that you can get more shots that you may not have otherwise caught.

Although the camera is perfect in automatic mode, it doesn’t struggle with fast moving objects, just like other cameras.

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How to Hide Super Secret Files In Your Samsung Galaxy S5

There are so many reasons as to why you may want to hide certain videos, photos and other files on your phone. Well, no one is judging you. Here, you will learn how to hide these files from prying eyes on your Samsung Galaxy 5.

1. Turn on the Private mode

There are two main ways in which you can turn on the Private Mode setting. You can use the notification bar which can be easily pulled down using one finger or the settings menu. If you choose the latter, open the settings and then go to Device. Scroll down to access Personalization subsection and tap the Private mode button.

2. Prove yourself

The private mode is now on. Your Galaxy 5 will present you with a security barrier, asking you to verify your identity. If you have the finger print scanner set on your lock screen, you will be asked to swipe your prints. You choose to ad an alternate password in case the swipe fails. You can also verify your identity with a PIN, password or pattern.

3. Select and move the files

If you want to put videos and photos lock and key, go to your photo gallery, tap on the Menu button and then select. Choose the photos you want to sequester and the tap “Menu” and select the move to private option.

A new gallery folder marked Private will appear, will your private items inside. Private pictures will bear an icon of a door with a key lock. In case, by mistake, you move an item in the privacy bucket, you don’t need to panic. You can use the same settings menu to reassign photos for general viewing.

4. View master list

If you are looking to glance at the items you have market private, Samsung galaxy s5 has a new way in which you can do that. With your Private mode on, open My Files folder from the app tray. Scroll down until you see Private. Tap the icon once.

The galaxy 5 will display your items in a list mode, but you can reorganize them or sort them into folders from the Menu button

5. Turn it off

This is very important. Now that you have managed to hide your super secret files, it’s time to do your galaxy s5 a favour and turn the Private mode off. You can do this by simply going to the settings and turning it off.

Once the private mode is off, you will notice that traces of the private folders disappear, including the option to access private folder in My Files.

Tips on how to use the Private mode

There are certain things that you need to consider when using Private Mode on your Samsung galaxy 5. The first things that you need to know are that it does not protect your browsing. Private browsing is a separate setting for chrome and default setting.

Also note that Private mode and Samsung Knox are not the same. The latter is an enterprise app that your company deploys to lock down sensitive files. On the other hand, Private mode is a personal feature you can use on your galaxys5 to keep your private files away.

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Hidden Features in the Samsung Galaxy S5

When you spend a little more time with Samsung Galaxy 5, you will notice that there is more to this smartphone than the optional finger print scanner and the heart rate monitor. There is no doubt these features will remain some the most defining characteristics of the smartphone, along with its rapid quad core processor and 14 mega pixel camera. So, what are the hidden features in the GS5?

Customize folder color

Galaxys5 offers you more than one way to organize content on your screen. Its tiny titbit allows you to use different colors to differentiate different folders. After you have added a new folder, tap the on screen menu button to pull up the five color options which include grey, brown, green and blue. If you don’t select the color, the folder will default to blue.

Private mode

You want to keep your multimedia files where only you can find them. The smartphone comes with a new private mode which allows you to do this in a very convenient way. Once it is turned on, you can select any document, videos, voice file or photos and select where you want to move the files.

When the Samsung galaxy 5 is in private mode, you will be able to see your files in separate folders and you can see and overview in Private folder found in my files. When you toggle the Private Mode off, all visible signs of the hidden files vanish.


If you explore that quick access settings or settings menu, you will find Toolbox. When you toggle it on, a white dot inscribed with an ellipsis will appear. Tapping this will expand to reveal shortcuts to various tools like voice recorder, camera, calculator, notes app and browser.

You can drag the toolbox anywhere on your screen and if you leave it for a long time, it will fade. It is also easy to toggle it on and off from the notification bar, which is convenient considering that you can always do it with one hand.

Photo editing features

If you are looking for a smartphone with built in editing features then the galaxy 5 is your phone. Samsung has gone a mile to improve what do without necessarily opening photos in another application. If you want to edit your images from the gallery, tap on the menu button and select Edit to access different tools to resize and crop; fight red eye and airbrush and apply effects and filters.

Galaxy 5 comes with many camera options, including a new mode that enables us to alter focus point afterward.

Connection to other devices

S beam is a convenient way for sharing content between NFC enabled mobile phones. What about pushing content from your phone to other devices? The Galaxy S5 comes with Quick Connect which makes it easier to share content between phones. When you tap it, you will see the various ways in which you can send multimedia to your PC and other connected devices.

Quick Connect is convenient and replaces many confusing app. It gives you a reason to push content from your smartphone to other devices. There are many hidden features in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can learn more by reading Glaxy S5 review.

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Galaxy S5’s 16 Megapixel Camera Is Good So Far

It’s evident that artificial spot light in trade shows doesn’t demonstrate how good a camera is. But it gives you an idea of how the GS5’s 16 megapixel camera works in an indoor setting. When you take the galaxy 5 outside and take photos on an auto mode, some photos will come out a little darker.

You’ll also notice that there are few lighting challenges that a number of cameras could overcome. Overall though, you will be pleased with the camera’s sharpness, level of detail and colour.

The main advantage of galaxy 5’s 16 megapixel camera is that cropped images show up at high resolution. That means that you won’t lose much detail as you would on a low resolution camera.

Native camera app

In addition to Samsung galaxy 5 high optical performance, the native camera app has been upgraded with more significant changes. With an HDR toggle which pops up on your screen, it is now easier select. And you can also use HDR in toggle mode.

Selective focus is one feature that makes the GS5 one of the best smartphones today. The feature allows you to a shallow depth of field after you have taken the shot. It is easy to use and works well, but you will be required to do a reasonable amount of premeditation-you will first of all need to press the on screen control. One interesting thing about this is that it allows you to edit the selective focus as many times as you wish.

There are also other features found in the Samsung galaxy S5 though hidden, are very important and come in handy in many ways. A good example is the Virtual tour which can be compared to Google’s Photo Sphere app.

The app enables you to compile a 360 degrees view of your surrounding and form a video. This is a very interesting feature and with the app’s ability to share files as either stills or video is convincing. You can use this feature to share scenes with your friends and family.

Panning is another feature that works just like action freeze frame shot. After you have taken your picture, you can make the background blur while the main subject remains crispy in focus. Galaxy S5’s camera app brings together various apps in to a single view known as Shot &More.

This includes modes like Erase, Best Face, Best Photo and the panning mode we’ve been talking about. Before taking a photo, it is important that you select this mode. And then select a shooting mode that works best with each photo.

Another interesting feature in the Galaxy S5 is the ability to camera settings and drag a setting to the shortcuts bar. You can also store your photos in the smartphone’s Knox box. The upgraded visuals that rework the on screen controls and icons have played a significant role in making everything in the galaxys5 efficient and easy to use.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones you can buy today and with the android 5.0 lollipop feature, it is easier to navigate the OS in minutes

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A Closer Look at Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. IPhone 6

While there are many great smart phones today, you won’t find two brands that are popular than Galaxy and iPhone. So, how do their latest smartphones phones compare? Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy 5 and iPhone. These are two terrific smartphones and if you are looking to say that one is perfects whereas the other is garbage then you might just be wrong. They are among the best smartphones today and they are designed to do what you would expect on a 2014 smartphone. The question is which one of the two is better for you.

When comparing the latest Galaxy and iPhone flagships, the size of the screen used favour Samsung, but with Apple designing iPhones with bigger screens, it’s no longer a big issue. iPhone 6, which comes with a 4.7 inch screen, gives you 85% as much screen as its competitor Samsung Galaxy 5. You will still get 18% more screen form GS5.

If you are still looking for a wider screen from iPhone then you should consider checking out iPhone 6 plus. One advantage of smaller iPhone screens is that the fit in your pocket and hand easily. They were also easy to operate with one hand. The iPhone 6 actually comes with the advantage of staying comfortably in your hand. However, it is a bit trickier to use it with one hand.

Both Galaxy 5 and iPhone can be used on one hand. A quick gesture on Galaxy 5 shrinks the entire screen and on the iPhone, you can slide down top level content by double tapping the touch ID sensors. Some people will Apple’s approach because of its smoother animation and ability to shrink the screen using one hand, whereas others will prefer Samsung’s approach.

Another advantage of iPhone 6 is build quality. The smartphone comes with an aluminium unibody construction and to make it look even classier, Apple used rounded edges. On the other hand Galaxy S5 has faux metal plastic edges and a dimpled plastic back. While the back part may look a bit odd, it’s soft touch feels very comfortable and gives the smartphone a unique identity. However, the plastic band around the edge is a big minus.

When it comes to screen quality, both smartphones score highly. Samsung Galaxy S5’s screen is sharper with 432 pixels per inch compared to iPhone’s 326. It also uses super AMOLED technology which is essential for deep black and rich colors. iPhone’s screen has traffic colour accuracy, viewing angles and colour accuracy.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resident and depending on how you use the phone; this could actually be a big advantage. If you like to go swimming then you can bring a long your galaxys5. Bothe smartphones have fingerprints sensors, though not all are created equal. In this category, the iPhone wins. For GS5, you will sometimes need to repeat swipes and you can only swipe from one angle. With iPhone 6, all you have to do is hold your finger on the touch ID sensor for a few seconds.

Both GS5 and iPhone 6 have great cameras. Galaxy S5 takes high resolution photos, but when it comes to cropping and zooming, iPhone 6’s shots look better. iPhone’s slow motion recording mode is terrific. GS5 has the same feature but it looks choppy and grainy.

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How to Restore Apps to your New Android Phone

For some, upgrading or changing phones is quite a bothersome task of migrating apps and personal data onto the new phone. Or if the person is totally clueless, they might add these things manually, losing precious personal data (and time) on the apps they had from their old phone, in the process.

In this article, we will show a blow-by-blow account of two of the ways you can transfer your apps and files to your brand spanking new phone automatically. After all, what’s a smartphone if things like this are done manually?

1. Use your Google Play account to back up and restore phone data. *Before switching to a new phone, make sure that you have backed up your data in the settings menu.*

On your new phone, log on to your Google Play account, then tap on the far left part of the title bar. From there, click on My apps. The All tab will give you the list of all apps you have ever installed (and even those you had uninstalled already). You can click the Install button on every app you wish to reinstate on your new device. Unfortunately, you have to install each and every one of them. The good thing here though is all your saved games, files or what-have-you will be transferred to your new device.

2. Use a file manager and transfer between two devices using the cloud. There are some apps in the Google marketplace where you can transfer your personal files from your old to your new android device. We will show in this case the power of ASTRO file manager.

Open the app.
Swipe to right to open another page of menu.
Click on Application Manager.
Highlight all the apps you want to back up.
Click on Backup
Swipe to the left to open another page of menu.
Find the apk files from your local storage.
Copy the apk files. You can select one or many files at the same time.
Paste it into your cloud storage facility. We recommend using a Google Drive for your cloud storage.
On your new device, open Google Drive and find the files you want to install in your new phone.

Similarly, you can multiselect apk files to be installed on your new device, but you will be shown a prompt message for every apk file before you restore them to your phone.

This particular method is also a good way to back up and restore apps that may get removed from Google Play for whatever reason. The famed Flappy Bird is a good example.

Once done, you should be good to go. Although this process takes quite a bit of patience, a true gadgeteer knows the importance of regularly backing up of apps, not just for the purpose of a smooth transition from one phone to another but also in case of accidental data loss.

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Android Apps that are Still Missing in iOS devices

iOS users always argue that the App Store is home to some of the best exclusive apps that never see the light of day in Google Play. We even had an article written for some of the popular apps that were still missing in the Android ecosystem last year.

Even so, the immutable fact is that for every one piece of iOS device, there is four corresponding Droids being shipped. There is also the issue of Apple’s strict policing of its app approval guidelines, which is a deterrent for some of these great apps to enter the iOS ecosystem. So why don’t we look at these great apps from the Android world that Apple lovers could only wish they had on their device. Check them out after the break.

apple versus android

1. Tasker. Did you know that your Android companion can actually take cues from your usage behavior and automate some tweaks depending on these. The Tasker app has become synonymous with the word automation and it does rightly so. It operates in an if-then construct. Some examples are:

If the headset is connected, then pop up the media applications.

If the device is charging in the car, then switch to car mode.

This app gained quite a following so that a handful of other copycats emerged from the PlayStore. We all know that Android is made for serious tweaking. Though, even true technophiles lament how steep the learning curve is for this app. This deserves a full article (and maybe even a couple of articles), so we would not expound on it here. There’s no denying though that this is a great feature only an open ecosystem like Android can provide.

2. Cover. This exclusive Android app made the rounds lately as it was recently acquired by Twitter. Cover is basically a lockscreen that changes depending on one’s location. When one is at work, the lockscreen changes so that all productivity apps will be right there at the lockscreen. Similar to Tasker, the app
takes cues from context. It recognizes when you are at work, at home or in the car.

3. Mr. Number. You probably guessed this app is about managing contacts like blocking texts/calls from an unknown number or maybe even from ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. Well, you’re right. But it actually does more than that. And the most appealing functionality of this app is the reverse number lookup. If you ever wondered if you missed an important call from a long lost relative or an employer attempting to poach you or maybe your friends trying to play a prank on you, then this app is for you. For now, we could only hope that the number of lookups would gain traction as it really does look promising.

4. File Manager. There are a lot of Android apps that let you manage your internal and external memory that we couldn’t pick one that stands out because they basically do the same thing, with some as cheap as $0 and some that do require a little investment. Although this looks like a functionality that every smartphone should have, Apple users do not have anything like this unless of course they jailbreak their device to allow for more customization.

Many a technocrat have claimed that the fast adoption of Android OS, coupled with the fact that it has an open ecosystem, would eventually lead to more Android exclusive apps and that Apple should rethink its close ecosystem principle. As it stands now, both iOS and Android are on par with each other in terms of the number of apps in their marketplace. If smartphone tweakery is your thing though, then Android is the better platform for you.

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

The Samsung S5 has been in the market for more than a month already and rumors of other variations have circulated the web lately and have reached fever pitch. One of the most visible online lately is a premium, aluminum version of the fifth iteration of the Galaxy series. As far as we can remember, consumers have been clamoring for a more classy-looking Galaxy phone ever since the Galaxy S series became a household name via its best selling SIII. Are we finally going to see a premium looking Galaxy phone from Samsung?

Along with the premium feel of the device codenamed, “Samsung S5 Prime” (other reports say it may be, “Samsung S5 Active” similar to last year’s S4 Active) are also rumors of the bumps in its internal chassis to complement its aesthetic upgrade. We round up the rumors surrounding the still-fictitious device, and you can check them out after the jump.

1. 2560×1440 QHD (or 2K) display. In response to LG G3’s amping the ante with confirmed QHD resolution, Samsung followed suit with what was internally known as Project KQ. For those who use their phones as a media player, this may be a good news. But if you’re curious as to how big an upgrade a QHD from a regular HD, you may check a comparison made here from another blog.

2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. The Samsung S5 came packed with the already-powerful Snapdragon 801 processor. Samsung may be in luck here as its biggest rival in their home country, LG’s G3 may miss out on this latest mobile processor as its official release is already slated in the coming days. Until then, we say, the S5 Prime is still the beast to beat in terms of specs.

3. LTE-A. Worthy of being called, Super Premium, this device is also rumored to have a blasting connectivity speed of 225 mbps. This chip is said to be available in Korea only but wouldn’t it be nice to have a mobile speed like that?

As we are still awaiting the official release from the guys at Samsung, let’s take this rumor with the proverbial grain of salt. We will try to update this story though once we get developments straight from the horse’s mouth.

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