Samsung Galaxy s5 to Hit Stores in April 2014

Exactly a year since Samsung released the Galaxy S4 with its 5” screen, 2 GB of RAM, 13 MP camera, and LTE capability, the tech world’s eyes are now focused on the much-anticipated new offering – the Galaxy 5. The latest addition in the Galaxy series was announced last February and Samsung fans have been waiting for it to hit the stores since last March. Now, it is officially set that the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in more than 100 countries will be on April 11, 2014. Needless to say, its price will position it in the top price bracket for smart phones, but based on history and the immense popularity of the (s) series of Samsung phones, this will not be a deciding factor for those wanting the latest in mobile technology.

So what is all the excitement about? Is the Samsung Galaxy 5 really worth the upgrade? If you are currently a Samsung owner, this question must have been niggling at you for many weeks now, particularly at those who own the S4. As predicted, the new model will be an improved version of its predecessor. When it comes to design, you will be glad to know that it looks less inexpensive now, which is a frequent criticism of the previous models of the series. The case is still made of plastic, but it has a more solid feel and the perforated design at the back gives it a classier look while providing a better grip. The finest improvements on design, however, are no doubt its water and dust resistant features. Samsung must have noticed the surge in sales for these types of resistant phones from flagship models of its rival smart phone creators. It is a wise move, indeed, as buyers are now basing their decisions on these key features.

You can also look forward to a more powerful processor and extended battery life in the Samsung Galaxy 5. It is powered by a 2.5GHz quad core processor and is run by a 2,800 mAh battery, as compared to the 2,600 mAh on the S4. The boost in battery life may not be that significant, though, bearing in mind that the Galaxy 5 has a wider Super AMOLED screen (5.1”).

There are great improvements in the camera, too. The rear camera now has a 16MP sensor and there are options to change the focus mode, which gives the similar effects as when you change the aperture settings on a digital camera. According to Samsung, the S5’s camera hardware is also equipped with a fast auto-focus feature that will prove to be handy for those quick shots that you have to make.

Another new addition that would really entice you to buy this new model of the series is the Finger Scanner. This provides enhanced security when making payments through your mobile device. The technology may be new, but early reviews show that Samsung got it right, giving Apple a tough fight for its share of the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may just be an enhanced version of the S4, but this time it is great to see that the brains behind its technology have worked on answering the consumer’s needs, as seen with the waterproof feature and the Finger Scanner. So, for those asking if you should upgrade, the answer will be a definite “Yes”.

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Top 5 iOS Apps that are Still MIA in Android


Let’s face it, most apps debut in iOS before it gets to Android. So here are some apps that still have not found its way to the Google Play store as of yet. We tried to diversify the list by making the entries come from different areas of interest.

1. Tweetbot. Paul Haddad, the man behind this much loved Twitter app in iDevices, dismissed the idea that an Android version of this app is likely. Most developers prefer working in Apple’s ecosystem as a recent study showed that iOS users are more likely to buy apps than people with Android devices, which might be the reason why Mr. Haddad doesn’t entertain the idea of developing the popular app in Android. Mr. Haddad failed to realize though that Android devices now account more than 50% of smartphones sold.

2. Paper by Fifty-Three. To simply put it, this app is beautiful by any standards and it doesn’t hurt that it is multi-awarded. However, this drawing app has been only available for iPad users. The clamor for this app to be ported to Android tablets have made the folks at Fiftythree cite the problem of fragmentation among Android devices as the main reason for its missing in action.

3. Camera Awesome. While this settings-filled camera app is still a no-show in Google Play store, there is equally competent app in the Google Play store made by the same company, the SmugFolio. This app can “awesomize” your photo by its various settings that you can tinker to your liking and make it look like taken by a pro. The CEO of the company, Don MacAskill, said that the Android version is on the works but didn’t provide a date yet.

MIA android_PN

4. Clash of Clans. The fast-growing mobile gaming company, Supercell, – who is also behind the equally addicting mobile farm game, Hay Day – is now considering porting the popular game to Android. As Supercell CEO said in an interview, “You can’t be global without being in Asia, and you can’t be big in Asia without being on Android.” Amen.

5. Traktor DJ. There’s been a lot of request among the creative DJ community for this app to grace the Google Play, but the company behind it, Native Instruments, is not too keen on developing one for the Android users. The company cites the chronic audio latency issue that Android has on its sound drivers. But since Jelly Bean was rolled out, this has been addressed, to Google’s defense, and the latency was reduced from 100 ms to 12 ms which is already on par with iOS’. As of yet though, the company is still mum on a possible Android app.

So there you go, those are some of the better apps that have yet to be released on Android. But users of the Linux-based ecosystem should not fret as these same apps have their own counterparts in the Google Play store, you just have to find them.

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A Tizen S5?

Reports of a possible Tizen S5 circulated the web earlier this month but without anyone from the South Korean giant confirming or denying it. The report which was first read from the Indonesian site showed Galaxy S4 donning a different operating system, which was actually Samsung’s homegrown Tizen OS. This post stirred quite a buzz and netizens around the web were quick to assume that we might finally see Samsung’s very own OS in its flagship phones starting with the Galaxy S5.

There is no denying that the marriage of Samsung and Google’s operating system, Android, is one of the most compatible one in tech history, and the duo even beat the once-formidable Apple. But Samsung has sets its eyes on even grandeur horizons, which is taking a slice of Google’s revenue by implementing their own OS in their smartphones.

Most of the rumors actually suggested that the Galaxy S5 will come in both Android 4.4 and Tizen operating systems. This seemed more plausible and favorable for the South Korean company, so they could test the waters first and see how the loyal fans of the Galaxy series will receive this change.

The interface seems like a harmonious mixture of Android, iOS and Windows. See these pictures grabbed from the same website:
Tizen S5

Along with this rumor, the new galaxy phone slated for a first quarter release next year is said to have a huge camera upgrade in the form of OIS or optical image stabilization. This feature is currently used by Nokia in their PureView models and on HTC’s ultrapixel technology.

Well, it seems that we’ll never see the end in Samsung’s quest for ultimate smartphone domination, and who knows, this may even prove to be another money-making machine for them. Remember we had our doubts when the first of Note series came out the market two years ago? But as usual, we’ll take this with a grain of salt until the folks from South Korea give their announcement.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s Pt.3

The Miscellany: Are These Two Phone Makers Full of Gimmickry?

We had given you a rundown of how the new iPhone stacks with the 6-month old Galaxy 4 in terms of aesthetics and internals, now let’s look at some of the added features that each manufactures boast of.

It is not unknown to anyone that part of Samsung’s success comes from a bunch of seemingly high-tech features their flagship phones have. Some of the more noteworthy ones are:

Smart Stay Introduced in Samsung S3, the front camera senses if you are looking at it and keeps it from timing out. The new S4 further upgraded the feature with Smart Pause and Smart Scroll.

Air View By hovering your finger just slightly above the screen, you can preview videos, emails and messages. One can actually customize it in the Settings Menu.

Gesture Controls Without touching the device, you can do some commands like browse pictures, change music tracks, accept and reject phone calls.

Multi-Window First seen in Galaxy Note 2, this functionality allows users to view 2 windows or more at the same time.

Dual Camera With this feature, one can now use the 2 mp front and 13 mp back cameras simultaneously. It’s useful when you want to impose yourself in a group photo, or if you want to include your background when making a video call.

Animated Photos Galaxy S4 users can now create animated GIFs with part of the phone frozen while all other areas move.

Remote Control S4 has infrared sensors that it can now double as a universal remote control.

S Health This feature allows the user to track his daily caloric intake, workout progress and weight levels. Also with Comfort Level S4 shows your comfort level based on temperature and humidity.


iPhone on the other hand has fingerprint scanner, and M7 motion coprocessor which was designed for fitness apps.

The Verdict

Samsung S4 is undoubtedly packed with features that one may find useful but some may find gimmicky. On the other hand, the new iPhone also stands on its own with the new iOS 7 and the fingerprint scanner on its Home button.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still on top in terms of overall features and value for money. And while iPhone is playing catchup in terms of specs, the iconic device still wins the hearts of many with its familiar premium-feel chassis and user-friendly interface.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s Pt.2

What’s Under the Hood? The Battle of the Better Smartphone Experience

The new Galaxy phone has Android 4.2.2 out of the box, but as usual, the phone is skinned with Samsung’s own interface, the TouchWiz. For those who want vanilla Android though, Samsung has released S4 Google Play edition, which was the most recent variation of the new flagship from the South Korean company. iPhone 5s has iOS 7, which was a complete interface redesign we have not seen since iPhone became a household name.

It is also of note that the new iPhone didn’t so much make an upgrade to its camera as it still has 8 MP versus Samsung’s upping the ante to 13 MP. Does this tell that the Samsung S4′s camera is better than that of iPhone’s? I will post a detailed writeup on that in my next entry, so users can have a glimpse of the camera technology that both companies put in their smartphones.

Taking Samsung’s lead, the new iPhone is said to be twice as fast from iPhone 5 with a new chipset, the A7. The chip which was one of the highlights of the recent Apple keynote address, is built on a 64-bit architecture, the first ever smartphone to do so. However, some tech analysts argued that this innovation from Apple doesn’t have any application in the real world, or to put it simply, it was just another gimmickry from the folks in Cupertino.

If you will remember, Samsung Galaxy S4 also had a major bump in chipset as it was upgraded from Exynos 4412 Quad to Exynos 5 Octa 5410. However, this octa-core chipset is only available in select markets. For the true geeks out there, this improvement looks good not just in paper but also in terms of the performance, as this translates to better speeds, multitasking capabilities and overall experience. However there were reports that Samsung rigged benchmark scores to their advantage.

The Galaxy 4 also has 2 GB of RAM whereas the iPhone 5s is also said to have 2GB. RAM, or random access memory, is where the handset stores volatile memory and where the programs are held when its currently being ran. Both phones also come in 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory, only that Samsung S4 has the option to expand memory through external microSD up to an additional 64GB.

*This is the second part of a three-post series tackling how the new iPhone 5s stacks up against the current Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. For the first part, click here.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been in the market for 6 months already, and with the release of the new flagship from Apple, the iPhone 5s, why don’t we take a look at how these two companies hold their own against each other? Apple’s iPhone may have a slight advantage as they just came out the market; but in terms of overall features, does Apple give Samsung a run for its money? There would be a series of articles on this topic, so we can provide you an informed decision when choosing between these two handsets.

On the Outside: What You See is What You Get

Since the first Galaxy phone came out, the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung has been using premium plastic material. Rumors suggest though that Samsung is actually considering new material for the Samsung Galaxy s5. At the same time, iPhone 5s in fact looks exactly the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. The new iPhone still sports a premium-feel aluminum body with 7.6 mm thickness, 112 grams weight and a 4.0 inch screen. The Samsung SIV was an upgrade, albeit small, in terms of screen size, from the 4.8-inch screen size of S3 to a 5-inch S4, with 7.9 mm thickness and 119 g weight.

The iP5s comes in three different colors: Space Grey, Champagne Gold and silver. The Samsung SIV has White Frost, Black Mist, Arctic Blue, with big carriers adding their own personal touches by way of new colors such as AT&T’s red, Verizon’s brown and Sprint’s Purple Mirage.

One of the reasons why Samsung is on top of the smartphone food chain today is its brilliant and captivating screen display. And once you have been spoiled with Samsung’s Super AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode), you just can’t go back and turn to other display types. Say, if you have been a Samsung user since the first Galaxy series smartphone came out, you may find it hard to adjust your eyes on other phone manufacturers’ displays like the Sony Xperia Z for instance which uses a TFT screen technology.

The late Steve Jobs argued that there is a certain pixel density that our eyes fail to distinguish individual pixels from a distance of 10 inches, which the company then coined as Retina Display. That certain density is 300 PPI (pixels per inch). The new iPhone has 326 PPI while Samsung Galaxy S4 has 441 PPI, which is why Samsung Galaxy 4 (and most of its high end products like the Note series) has a more vivid and crisp display than Apple’s. This same feature of Samsung phones throws some people off as they think the colors are oversaturated. But luckily, this can be changed in the Screen Mode settings if one likes a more natural color for his phone’s display. Both phones are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass as well. Samsung has a removable back cover, which means that the battery is replaceable, a handy feature when your phone freezes and you can’t restart or turn it off.

Can’t get enough of it already? We will focus next on the software side of each mobile, so stay tune for that.

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What The Future Holds For The Smart Phone

What The Future Holds For The Smart Phone


Just like any other product or service on the market, a smart phone too has an admirable and enviable future. This is seen through the continuous improvement and customer focus which it has embraced in its quest to not only win its customers confidence but also their commitment. There is now quite a wide variety of smart phones on the market and they keep changing for the better every other day.  Features change and vary from one variety to the other with more features expected to come in the near future. This is due to the intense research that is being carried out by the manufacturers to ensure that their customers get nothing short of the best and are satisfied to the fullest. Smart phone features such as the inbuilt camera change and vary from one smart phone to the other.


In the technology world, resilience and cut throat competition is the order of the day. For a product to withstand the test of time and wade off competition, it has to embrace and engage a very high standard to enable it to compete effectively without being driven out of the market by the forces beyond its control such as intense demand and supply. This makes the smart phone’s future look bright and admirable.


Among the expected new launches of the smart phone in 2014 is the Samsung galaxy s5. It is expected to take the smart phone market by storm. It is not expected to have no comparison in the mobile phone industry. Further, its purported features and operating system are expected to be more sophisticated and complex than any in the market at that time and is sure to meet the demands of the ever changing mobile phone industry and above all win the hearts and minds  of its customers. The Samsung Galaxy 5 will be launched with the aim of being the most ambitious and technologically advanced smart phone on the market.



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Evolution Of The Smart Phone

Evolution Of The Smart Phone


In the current world we are living in, communication is not only inevitable but also an imperative. This is because almost everything requires to be communicated from one party to another. However, communication is not just any communication. It needs to be enhanced and technology with which to achieve contemporary communication needs to be state of the art technology. Such new and highly sophisticated gadgets that are being used as a means of communication are the smartphone. It has complex features that enable the users to achieve communication from whatever corner of the world without much of a technological hiccup. It can be used to access the internet as well as send messages and other communication, messages such as emails from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. This has enabled many people around the world to communicate easily from the comfort of their homes and offices without necessarily going through the torture of traveling far and wide and sometimes even having to fly long distances.


With its emergence in the late 90’s many people have embraced the smartphone as part and parcel of their day to day life. This is due to its ability to communicate expedituosly and its unique features that enables interface between the user and the third party to which communication is being relayed. As such, many business people and more so the business community has embraced the smart phone and made it an integral part of their business transaction and endeavors. The smartphone comes in wide variety that enables the user to select and make an informed and astute decision on which phone to buy. Such a range includes iPhone, Galaxy and HTC to name a few. They are not prone to attack by various viruses such as Trojan horses due to their inbuilt features that can be in a position to detect and quarantine all forms and manner of spy ware and malware. They also have a lot bigger memory than their predecessors which enables them to store ample data.


The Galaxy 4 is one of the many models of smart phone and comes with many features.  It is able to navigate the murky waters of business communication due to its unique features such as a camera, GPS, touch screen, memory cards and other features that the other phones in the market do not possess. With a galaxy 4, it is possible to conduct your research online and deliver the best results due to its fast connectivity to the internet. It can also download and browse a lot of data at a very fast speed and open using the operating system that it possesses. This is not as prevalent in other phones. It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy 5 will be more enhanced again than the Galaxy 4. It is touted to be one of the most technologically advanced smart phones with virtually all of the features of a computer and computer operating system.

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Expected Features Of The Yet Be Released Samsung Galaxy 5

Expected Features of the yet To Be Released Samsung Galaxy S5

Like any other new release, the expected launching of the new Samsung galaxy s5 series is causing a lot of buzz in the market. Samsung manufacturers are a force to reckon with in the production of smart phones and this explains the heightened interest in the expected release of its smart phone. The rumor surrounding the new galaxy 5 comes a few months after the release of the Samsung galaxy s4 and this in itself has caused a furore of debates on what the expected Samsung Galaxy 5 will feature differently. Samsung smart phones have been known to feature a plastic chassis something that most users have expressed dissatisfaction with. However, the release of the new Samsung galaxy s5 is expected to break away from the norm.

The yet to be released Samsung Galaxy 5 is expected to feature a 3.0 metal design which is a far cry for its predecessors plastic chassis. The smart phone is expected to come with an aluminum body which means that customers can finally experience the same features as Sony Xperia Z and HTC one. However, one of the drawbacks for a metal chassis is that customers will have to give up the advantage of free exchange of batteries. This is something that users of the previous smart phones enjoyed and which might prove to be problematic with the new smart phone.

What’s more? The yet to be released Samsung galaxy s5 will feature a 4GB RAM which is the first of its kind in the production and manufacturing of smart phones since time immemorial. The phone is expected to come with an improved camera of 16 megapixel led flash camera with a 2.5 megapixel front camera. The expected feature in the galaxy 5 is without a doubt the fingerprint scanner that is essentially intended to enhance security. This is a plus especially for individuals who have a penchant for forgetting their passwords. With a finger print scanner, forgetting of passwords may be a thing of the past.

It is expected to come with a 1 GB internal memory and external storage of up to 64GB. The galaxy 5 is expected to have a 5 inch high definition touch display which to be sincere is a lovely aspect. Its expected release is April 2014 and users can’t help but hold their breath as they wait for this new smart phone in the market. In essence, the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy 5 will without a doubt conquer the smart phone market by storm.


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How The Samsung Galaxy Finally Out Sold The iphone

How Samsung Galaxy Finally Out Sold the Apple Iphone for the First Time

The competition between Apple and Samsung has picked up some pace in recent years especially with the high profile court wars between the two giant smart phone manufacturers. This notwithstanding, Apple has consistently been the major beneficiary especially when it comes to selling of devices in the US. The fanatical belief and religious belief in the Apple brand has been unshakable and this can be attributed to the number of Apple iPhone devices that go like hot cakes whenever they are introduced.

We all know for a fact that Apple has been on the forefront of fusing breath taking features on their iPhones and this has contributed to its success in the market. However, with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy s4, Samsung for the first time managed to out sell Apple iPhone leading to the question how it managed to do that. It’s imperative to note that since the launch of the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung has managed to effectively surpass its competitor in sales especially in the US. This is something that many Apple fans cannot comprehend. What is it that Samsung is doing differently that has brought about this change?

It’s imperative to note that the Samsung policy of releasing new smart phones with advanced features every year has worked to their advantage. The release of the Samsung galaxy s iii, s4 and note series has effectively put Samsung on top of things especially with its unique features. This is in contrast to Apple that releases an advanced phone of its series occasionally. What this means is that an Apple fan has to wait for a relatively long period of time as compared to a Samsung user who has a wide variety of options. Samsung manufactures devices yearly that come with improved features and this has put many Apple fans on a short leash.

What this basically means is that if an Apple fan needs to enjoy features of the latest smart phone, he or she is forced to buy the existing handset in the market rather than having to wait till Apple releases its next device. The question is: if you are to buy a new smart phone with great and latest features, do you settle for an Apple iPhone 5 that have been on the market for a period of over 8 months or do you invest in the latest smart phone with advanced features and which is priced the same? Your guess is as good as mine. In a nutshell, consistency, inclusion of comparatively the same features is what has effectively made Samsung galaxy to outsell Apple iPhone and this is likely to continue with the new Samsung Galaxy 5 model due to be released next year.


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