7 Things Every Galaxy S5 Owner Needs To Know

Galaxy S5 has plastic but feels great. Its specifications are amazing and the camera produces nothing short of spectacular. But there are things that you still don’t know about galaxy S5. These things are unique and increase what you could do with your phone and other new features that the company has included you’ve not discovered.

It is important that all galaxy S5 owners know these things. Now that you’ve known how important this is, it’s now time to get more of it.

1. You can write on your galaxy S5 with a pencil

Yes you can. The screen of the GS5 is very sensitive that you can write on it with a pencil point. Of course this would mean stains, some lead marks and scratches. But if you don’t mind spending money and you have to take a lot of notes then this would be great for you.

What you need to do is increase the touch sensitivity of the phone.

2. Privacy mode

With galaxy S5, you don’t need any third party apps to lock or hide your private files. The phone comes with a privacy mode that is specifically dedicated to doing this. What you need to do is do a little digging in the settings, select the files and documents that you want to lock or hide and then set the unlock code or pattern. That’s all you need to do.

When someone tries to access your phone, he/she will not be able to access the locked files unless he/she enters the unlock code or pattern.

3. It has kid’s mode

To enjoy this feature, you will need to download it. The good thing is that it only takes a few minutes. Once you have downloaded the app, it will turn your phone into a child friendly device that is easy for your children to use. You can still set permission for certain apps and even set time for how long you want your children to use the phone. This means is that you can now allow your children to play GTA on your phone.

4. Virtual Tour Mode

This is one of the most interesting modes in the galaxy S5’s camera. It allows you to capture different images and combine them to make a gif like image. This means that you can create a virtual tour for your family and friends about the places you visited. To get started, click on some pictures, add effects and then combine them to create a gif.

5. You can get caller information

This is another interesting feature you don’t want to miss out on. This feature comes in handy when you want to find more information about the person you are talking to on the phone. You can get information like email address while on phone and have it saved on your galaxy S5, which means that you can use it later when you need it.

6. Turn off sound effects

You will need to do this with all smartphones manufactured by Samsung. The galaxy S5 is no exception. This phone beeps every time you unlock it or touch it. And you’ll also experience this when you type on the GS5’s keyboard.

There are a number of ways to turn off these sound effects. The easiest way is to pull down the notification tray and tap the sound button to change to either silent or vibrate mode.

You can also go to the settings menu, then sound and uncheck “Sound when tapped” and “Touch sounds”. The noise can be irritating. So turning it off comes in handy in many ways.

7. Get all the plastic off your phone

If you think this is a joke about Samsung smartphones then it is a NO. But it raises concerns about how much removable plastic Samsung uses to keep its smartphones in good condition until you are ready to buy. This includes a near invisible piece over the camera lens.

Of course that’s not a bad thing. Just ensure that you get all the plastic off your phone before venturing out in public. You want to ensure that the plastic is off the camera before you start taking pictures with your friends.

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How to Get the Best Out Of Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung galaxy S5 has a multitude of features that helped it scoop the IT Pro’s Editor’s Choice award, but it can become overwhelming if you don’t know how to get the best out of the phone. The smartphone has a whole list of customizable features and hidden ways to make it more efficient and faster. Here are tips to help you get the most out of your $549 galaxy S5.

Enable fingerprint scanner

This is one of the most exciting features of the GS5. It can be used for security purposes and other things.

To set up the fingerprint scanner, go to Settings, Personalization, Finger Scanner and then enable the feature. This feature allows you to unlock your phone by simply swiping the home button. You can also use other apps that require your fingerprint authentication.

If want to protect your content from prying eyes, you can switch on the private mode, select Unlock Method and the Fingerprint. After you are done with this, just long press on any image or file and move it to private. You can only access these files when the private mode is on.

Set up emergency and safety features

Setting up an account with Samsung is important as you can ring, wipe or locate your phone remotely. You can also prevent the phone from being reactivated when it is stolen.

The Safety Assistance feature has also been activated in the settings menu. When you turn on Send Help Messages, the phone can send you location and if you tap power button thrice, the phone can send an SOS text message to a designated contact.

The phone will automatically turn on location and send pictures from the rear and front cameras to the emergency contact. You can also encrypt your galaxy S5. Go to settings, security, then encrypt. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the fingerprint scanner when you encrypt your phone.

The process takes an hour and scrambles all your data. You will need to enter a passcode every time you turn on the device.

Take advantage of free subscription services

Samsung has partnered with other companies to give GS5 users a comprehensive free subscription package. To take advantage of the free services, you will need to create a free Samsung account.

You will also need to swipe across the home screen to access services. You will see the “galaxy gifts” button. You can download all apps or select specific ones.

Samsung also offers a number of apps from cloud storage to third party newspapers and health tracking services subscriptions.

Use the download booster

The download boaster is another unique feature of the S5. This combines the 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity to boost the download speed for files that are over 30MB. This function is very important when you are in a rush to download big files like TV shows and movies.

You can download a 2GB HD copy of the Avengers Assemble in less than five minutes from the Play Store. You should also remember to set data limit by going to settings, network connections and then data usage.

It’s water resistant

Galaxy S5 has the IP67 certification, which means that it is water resistant and dust proof. You don’t have to worry about getting your S5 a little wet when you accidentally drop it in a basin of water or when the weather lets you down.

All ports are covered, though you should always ensure that the back cover is secured in place after removing it or opening the latch to charge the phone. You should, however, keep in mind the fact that water resistance is not the same as waterproof. So, you shouldn’t go swimming with you S5 or drop it in water on purpose

Try the battery saving mode

The battery saving mode is a good feature for people who find themselves away from a power source for long periods of time. Samsung galaxy S5 comes with an enhanced feature that saves you power better than before. This option can be easily accessed from the settings menu.

You can choose to turn off battery hogging features, such as Smart Stay, motion gestures and Air view from the settings menu.

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How to Customize Your Samsung Galaxy S5

There are many ways to personalize any android phone, through downloading ROMs or third party apps, but the GS5 comes with a number of built-in options that don’t require you to download anything.

Change the font

It is important that you know the basics, such as how to swap out the phone’s wall paper and add and delete widgets and folders. You can also change font type and size.

Go to settings, select display, Font and then Font style to access the options. There are also other options that mostly cost $1, but you’ll also find a few that can cost up to $4. Font changes continue across your galaxy S5, from app tray to browser.

If you don’t like the default font, you can go for other options which give you the change to tiny or huge.

Swap statistics icons

Statistics icons are found at the bottom of your home screen. The statistics vary depending on where you live. The GS5’s software experience changes depending on your geographical location.

Just like other home screen apps, statistics icons can be dragged and dropped. You can even make new folders in this slot. If you like keeping your apps on your home screen, then this is an important real estate for app-y shortcuts.

Re-color folders

Samsung has always been keen on how its folders look and how they can be customized. The galaxy S4 has folders with a circular motif but the galaxy S5 has squared icons of tabbed file folders.

Samsung has a surprise for you: colour. Tap the three doted menu button on the folder of your choice to select from a number of colours: gray, brown, marron, blue and green.

Make transitions 3D on your home screen

When you swipe from one home screen to the next, you will notice a nifty transition that makes screens transparent.

Galaxy S5 gives you two more options. Find a space on your home screen, and then press and hold until the controls appear. Go to home screen settings and then transition effect. Card Stack is a default view but you can choose to turn on 3D Rotation or not.

The 3D rotation’s animation communicates the impression of swiping across the faces of a cube. When swiping, no transition turns the screen transparent, but lays them on a filmstrip, without any turning or stacking. While it is an understated feature, the opportunity it gives you to mix things up is absolutely incredible.

Close My Magazine

The Home Screen Settings menu is the place to go if you think it’s time to close the pages of your phone’s My Magazine newsfeed.

The Flipboard, which is powered by My Magazine, was first introduced in the Galaxy Note 3. It slides from the bottom of the screen upwards.

It’s turned on by default and located to the left of the home screen. In short, you will need to swipe to the right to access the newsfeed, but it’s optional.

Screen saver

When idle, most android phones display a screensaver known as daydream. There are a number of options like Flipboard feed, shifting colors and other photo displays. There are also other apps that work with Daydream.

Galaxy S5 allows you to select photos from the Google Photos, Studio editor and both Screenshots and Favorites in addition to pictures from your camera gallery.

Turn on Daydream by going to settings, then display and Finally Daydream.

Say your name

This customization is easy to overlook. Go to Setting, then Lock Screen and tap Owner information. You can enter your name or a message to this field. Whenever you unlock the phone, you will see your message or name beneath date and time on the upper left corner of the lock screen.

Here, you cannot change the font size and type as you could on the GS4. You cannot see these at a glance if you are running doc of alerts. You will need to clear alerts.

The lock screen settings menu allows you to toggle weather, camera and pedometer displays on and off.

For those who have been using galaxy S4, you will notice that Samsung has pulled back on some of its customizations, including setting shortcuts on the screen.

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How to Choose the Right Screen Mode for Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Most android phones do not give the option to make adjustments to screen quality of your device. While it’s possible to change things like brightness, you won’t find control to alter the colour and contrast of the display. However, Samsung has something else to offer.

Samsung allows you to choose your own display mode. Starting with Samsung’s Note, Galaxy Note 2 and S line of android smartphones come with a special option that gives you more control of your smartphone’s display.

To choose a screen mode on your GS5, go to settings, then display and finally Screen mode. Here are the 5 display options you can choose from: Dynamic, Adapt Display, Cinema and professional Photo. Of course each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the different modes you can choose from:

Adapt display

Adapt Display is the default setting on your galaxy S5. Adapt Displays allows you to optimize saturation, color range, sharpness of the screen while using the camera, Google Play Books, Internet, Smart Remote, Video apps and Gallery. However, Samsung has warned that Adapt Display may not be compatible with some third party apps.

This mode is mostly used in areas with high ambient light, especially when you are out on a sunny day. This mode has a high color saturation that will equalize the reflected outdoor glare that interferes with the color of the image.

Standard and dynamic

Both standard and dynamic modes have a tendency to oversaturate the color. Colors in these modes are not as accurate as those in Professional Photo, Cinema or Adapt Display. However, if you like popping colors then Standard and Dynamic are your best options.

  • Dynamic

Just like the Adaptive Display Mode, this option gives bright and colorful images by optimizing the tone of the screen. The main difference between Dynamic and Adaptive mode, however, is that it works in almost any case, whether you an inside an app or on any screen.

The images look good even when you are in a place with too much light or indoors. If you are in an environment where the light is too low, it is important that you switch to other screen modes.

  • Standard

Everything, such as sharpness and color, is standard when you turn on this mode. But with the super AMOLED display on this smartphone, the images projected may be better than phones with standard LCD screens.

While Adapt display uses standard color saturation, it changes when the phone detects that you are using one of these apps for which the mode is supposed to work.

Professional photo

Professional Photo is a very interesting feature in the Samsung Glaxy S5. The option is rare to see in other devices. It offers accurate color and is the best choice for anyone who wants to view high end Adobe RGB standard photos.

Cinema mode

DisplayMate experts found that galaxy S5 has accurate colors while in Cinema Mode. This is the best mode you can use to view photos of your family and friends, watch TV shows and movies and shop for products online. It is recommended that you use Cinema mode when you are in area with low ambient lighting.

Auto adjust screen tone

It is important that you disable the auto adjust screen tone setting on your galaxy S5. This option reduces power usage by adjusting the brightness of the screen based on the image being displayed on the screen.

It can also reduce the accuracy of the color and levels of contrast. When you disable this feature, you will be able to unleash the phone’s full light capabilities while improving contrast and color ratios.

Go to settings, then display and uncheck “Auto adjust screen tone”

It’s all about individual preference. The Cinema mode has the most accurate colors, but not everyone wants that. Some people would prefer an oversaturated look whereas others prefer natural colors. It’s about what works for you.

There have been debates on whether the TouchWize use interface improves Android experience or not. The ability to adjust display to your individual preference is absolutely incredible and is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s main flagship phone. The company said it used a back to basics approach to design the phone and assign it features. The Samsung galaxy 5 is improved over its predecessor the galaxy S4, but it’s not recommended to rush to the store if you already have 2014’s phone. Then who is it for? If you have to own a phone with the latest and greatest features then this is the phone you should go for.

The Body

There is no much difference between 2012’s galaxy SIII and 2014’s galaxy 5. Samsung wants to be sure that any new phone released to the market appeals to those who own the older one. For this reason, there has been minimal hardware evolution from the galaxy SIII to the galaxy S4 and the galaxy S5. Of course there are changes but the company had to keep them low not to piss off anyone.

Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be the most stylish phone in Samsung’s line-up of smartphones but frankly speaking, galaxy5 is only a mile behind it. It’s also called Note 3 Mini. It has a conservative colour combination which is attractive in its own way. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a generous screen size. It is wider, but shorter than HTC One. It is also comfortable on the hand, not to mention the fact that it is light and it can easily slip into the pocket.

Samsung replaced the cheap slippery plastic with a golf-ball back surface which feels comfortable on the hand. The phone is also assembled tightly-all seams are straight and there is no flexing of parts. One of the most amazing features of the galaxy s5 is protections from dust and water.

If you accidently drop your galaxys5 in a three feet pool of water for 30 minutes, you will be surprised to find that the phone is operating perfectly. And Samsung also reminds all GS5 users to firmly close the battery cover. If the cover is not properly snapped and the microUSB hatch not securely fastened, the phone is not waterproof.

Samsung chose to keep the phone’s bezel to minimum. The screen occupies most of the front and it doesn’t have additional glass. The logo is positioned in silver above the screen. The glass has a slit for the earpiece speaker, user facing camera and several sensors. The company didn’t forget its long preferred button. Aside from being wide, it is easy to find.

On the left, you will find the menu button and on your right there’s the Back button. And depending on your own preferences, the buttons can be set to vibrate or not.

On the left edge, you will find the volume toggle. You won’t find any problem locating this button. You will also find the screen lock button on the right edge. The micro-USB port is on the bottom and the stereo headphone jack on the top. The phone also comes with a USB 3.0 port to support the faster, larger USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connectors and the regular micro-USB connectors you are used to.

Samsung galaxy S5 also comes with a large camera module and has a noticeable hump. You will also notice a separate module below the camera. The module holds the heart rate monitor and the flash. You will also notice slits on the plastic panel near the speakerphone. Removing the battery cover shouldn’t be much of a problem. The battery is removable but it is a different size compared to last year’s battery.

You can also remove the memory card without pulling out the battery, but you will need to remove the battery to retrieve the sim card. You will also need to be extra careful when reinstalling your back cover. Make sure that the clips are snapped in place to ensure that your phone is resistant to water.


The galaxy 5 has a 5.1 inches super AMOLED screen. It’s larger than the galaxy S4’s screen. GS5’s screen is amazing considering that it is colourful, pixel rich, bright and large. Ul and Graphics are smooth and don’t have pixelated edges. Its screen is as good as that of HTC One. It goes without saying that Samsung is good at making great displays.

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How to Improve the Battery Life of Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Battery saving is a very important feature for any android device. Samsung went an extra mile with its flagship Samsung Galaxy 5 to enhance the battery saving feature. Here are tips on how you can get battery life and more on the S5:

Power-saving mode

The power saving mode is not a new feature; it has been around since galaxy S2. When this mode is enabled, it blocks background app data, reduces the screen frame rate, limits the performance of the phone, reduces brightness and changes display to gray scale.

This mode is important as it improves your battery life without interfering with your phone’s performance. Considering the fact that the power saving mode limits the phone’s processing power, it is important that you disable it before playing games or using CPU intensive apps. This mode can be found in the GS5’s settings menu.

Ultra power saving mode

To get the most out of your GS5’s battery, it is important that you enable the phone’s ultra power saving mode. If your phone is fully charged, this mode gives it 12.5 days of battery life. As a matter of fact, with only 10 percent of battery life left, this mode can make your galaxy 5 last for 24 hours.

This, however, comes with its own share of problems. The ultra power saving mode will limit your phone’s capabilities. Aside from changing your display to gray scale, you are only limited to using certain applications like messages, phone, emergency alerts, Facebook, Google plus, tweeter, internet and a few others.

The ultra power saving power also disables mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi automatically whenever the screen is turned off. These can be turned on by selecting the settings menu and clicking on the three dot icon in the right hand side corner of your screen. This mode can be enabled in the settings menu by selecting the power saving option.

Location settings

If you are looking to explore full functionality of your galaxy5 while getting the most out of it, there are other methods you can use to prevent draining your battery. Go to the settings menu, click on location and select the power saving option. This will use your mobile network and Wi-Fi to pinpoint your location rather than smartphone’s GPS.

You should also disable location history and location reporting. You can find these options in the Google Location Reporting menu under Services option.


It is important that you avoid keeping your phone’s brightness on auto mode as it is not recommended for your battery. The auto mode is designed to automatically adjust your phone’s screen’s brightness based on surrounding conditions.

The mode makes use of the phone’s sensors and considering the fact that they have to be in use all the time, it drains your battery’s power more compared to adjusting your phone’s brightness manually.

And the auto mode of your samsung galaxy s5 is not that accurate. At times, it will adjust your display to a level that is too bright for the environment you are in. When you are outside, except on a sunny day, you don’t want full brightness on your screen. It is important that you turn brightness level down to almost half, or to a level that will suit your eyes.

Use black Wallpaper

With a super AMOLED screen, the galaxy s5 doesn’t need to completely illuminate black pixels. The reality is that people have a tendency to check the lock screen many times during the day, and although it’s only for a short time, it makes a difference. It is important that you set a background for the home screen and lock screen and you will be able to save on pixel lighting battery power of your galaxys5.

Disable preloaded bloatware

Samsung has its own version for every pre-installed Google app. Although it is impossible to delete them, you can disable some of them. This includes ChatOn, S Voice, S Health, Memo and Smart Remote. Long press on any application apps and you will see a toolbar appear at the top of your screen. Drag the app to the disable icon. When you disable the apps, they won’t run background, using precious power with providing no valuable service.

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Samsung Galaxy 5 Vs. Apple iPhone 6: Which One Should You Buy?

iPhone 6 started selling on September 19th and as people around the world look forward to owning this flagship smartphone, many are wondering how it is compares to other smartphones.

Of course, a comparison would be between iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, which is one of the most coveted smartphones in the market today. Here is a comparison of the two devices


Well, when it comes to design, galaxy 5 isn’t that big of a leap from its predecessor Galaxy S4. The corners are still round and includes a faux leather backing inherited from the Note Series, though many people don’t like it.

The iPhone 6 isn’t that huge in terms of design for its predecessor iPhone 5S. However, it looks premium. The addition of rounded edges and faux leather is pretty convincing and is aimed at making the device feel comfortable in the hand


The iPhone 6 displays better that iPhone 5S, but the improvement isn’t something to get too excited about. On the other hand, galaxy5 has a large display, coming at 5.1 inches vs. Apple’s 4.7 screen on its flagship smart phone iPhone 6. This isn’t as convincing considering the fact that many people prefer smaller smartphones.

Processing speed

Apple introduced its latest A8 processor in the iPhone 6. Although the company has not announced the speed of the processor, reports say that it could be about 1.4GHz.

Samsung galaxy 5 has a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor. That means that the A8 processor could potentially go faster than Samsungs’ processor, but in real sense, it shouldn’t.

Storage and memory

It’s quite unfortunate that Apple couldn’t upgrade the amount of RAM. You will continue using 1GB in your iPhone 6.

This compared to Samsung Galaxy’s 3GB RAM, the iPhone 6 is no match. If you are looking for a device that will allow you to multitask and run high power games then you should go for galaxy S5.

If you are an average user then you should go for 1GB RAM. For storage, iPhone 6 comes with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of storage space while Samsung comes with either 16GB or 32GB. But you can use a memory card on the S5 for more storage space.


The iPhone 6 has optical image stabilization but iPhone 6 does not come with this. This should be iPhone’s strong hold but Samsung galaxy S5’s 16MP sensor is no match as far as pixel resolution is concerned.

You should, however, keep in mind the fact that megapixel is not what makes a great camera. The camera of the iPhone 6 has an aperture of f/2.2 and digital stabilization-still not that bad.

When it comes to the front camera, S5 still leads with a 2MP camera compared with iPhone 6’s 1.2 MP.

Availability and pricing

The Galaxy 5 is being sold at $200 on contract. The iPhone 6 comes at the same price. Both devices are sold at $650 off contract.

When it comes to size, the iPhone 6 trumps S5. It is 2 mm thinner and 5 mm narrower which makes it easier to use. In addition to that the iPhone 6 has aluminum back which isn’t grippy. The curved edges are just amazing when it comes to handling the device. The water resistance aspect is another thing that has given GalaxyS5 an upper hand.

If you are always using your mobile phone around the swimming pool or when going to the bathroom then you should go for galaxy 5. The iPhone 6 is also delicate and you would think twice before putting it down, and to make it worse, even the slightest scratch is visible.


As far as specifications are concerned, Samsung Galaxy S5 takes over as the best smartphone. But the design of the iPhone 6 seems a little more premium and with its iOS 8, the device may sway many users who are used to the Apple interface and would prefer using devices from the company. This might not be the only reason. Some users may not need the superior features offered by Samsung Galaxy S5.

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A Closer Look at Samsung S5 vs. LG G3

Although LG may be flying under the radar more than its Korean rival Samsung, it does not mean that the company hasn’t released one of the best smartphones in the market. So, how does LG’s best phone LG3 compare with Samsung’s flagship Samsung Galaxy 5?

The G3 is bigger but not by a huge margin. Compared to galaxy 5, the G3 is 3% longer 3% wider and 10% thicker. And when you hold the GS5 in your hand, it feels more natural, but it is not that much different from its counterpart.

The weight and size of the G3 makes it ideal for people looking for a smartphone that can easily fit in the pocket. The G3 gives you a screen that is 16% bigger, thanks to the slim bezels below and above the screen. It goes without saying that the screen is the G3’s killer feature.

Below the screen of GS5, you will find back, home and recent apps buttons. On the other hand, the G3 uses virtual versions of the very same buttons on its screen. However, LG allows you to select apps that you can hide the navigation keys in. That means that you can have the full 5.5 inch screen to yourself.

Both smartphones come with faux plastic. Galaxy5 has outlandish faux leather with dimples on it. Well, it looks a little odd. But all in all, it has soft touch finish that feels very comfortable on the hand. You won’t find any of this in the G3. It’s made of plastic, which gives it the advantage of being light.

The G3’s screen is sharper. The G3 comes with a Quad HD (2,560 by 1,440) display or 538 pixels per inch. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) display or 432 pixels per inch.

As far as pixels are concerned, it means that when you put the two phones side by side, you will not notice dense pixels in the G3. It’s clear that it is indeed the sharpest screen you can find on a smartphone today. But alas, GS5’s display isn’t as disappointing as those pixels on the G3 might suggest. As a matter of fact, not all eyes will spot the difference between the two screens. While the G3’s sharp screen is a big plus, it wouldn’t be advisable to base your decision on this alone.

The Quad HD display on the G3 has its own share of disappointments. You will notice some minor sluggish performance while navigating around the settings menu, apps and home screen. This is strange considering the fact that it is LG’s flagship smartphone, not to mention its Snapdragon 801 processor. To fix the G3’s lag issue, it is important that you switch from Dalvik runtime to Android runtime.

Both phones have an amazing camera, but the G3 is the best if you are looking for a smartphone with a good resolution. First, it is fast. You can literally go from sleep mode to snapping a picture in less than 3.5 seconds. The GS5 takes about 6 seconds to capture an image.

The G3’s camera is sophisticated such that you can simply capture an object with that point in focus. The G3 will fire a laser beam that measures the distance between the subject and the phone, making it easier bring it into focus.

The autofocus gives the G3 an upper hand and its actually the smartphone’s second killer feature. The shooting process is pretty fast. By the way, do you know that the Galaxy S5 comes with a swipe based finger print sensor? It allows you to maintain the privacy of your device and can be integrated with other third party apps like LastPass and PayPal. You won’t find this in the G3.

Another killer feature that gives the galaxys5 an upper hand is its water and dust resistant screen. It can be placed in 3.3 ft of water for 30 minutes and still work. The G3 is an amazing smartphone. It has a huge screen and a small body but its laggy performance is quite disappointing. Meanwhile, the galaxy 5 is still a good choice. It is manageable and the fingerprint sensors are just amazing.

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Samsung Galaxy S5-Everything You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy 5 was officially released in 150 countries in 11th April 2014. When you order the smartphone in the U.S, it will come to T-Mobile, MetroPCS, U.S Cellular, Verizon wireless, Sprint and AT&T. You can also pick it up at various retail stores. The price of the smartphone varies depending on the country and wireless provider.


Before GS5 was released, there were rumors that the smartphone will be made of metal. The reality is that many got disappointed to find the smartphone’s body was all plastic.

This is, however, fitting with the Samsung’s mode of operation. When asked, the company used reasons of weight, price and durability to defend its decision of using plastic. Compared to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S4, the S Galaxy 5 comes with an improved physical design.

The fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner in the GS5 is an optional biometric that can be used to unlock the phone. It can also be used to authenticate PayPal payments. If you have a family, you can log up to 3 finger prints. This is also a good feature if you are looking to unlock your device with fingers on both hands.

The new heart rate monitor

Samsung has upgraded its S health app, integrated a heart rate monitor and release a range of fitness bands into the Gear fit band and Samsung gear 2 smartwatch. Samsung galaxy 5 is looking to grow convergence of personal and health technology.

There is a small sensor on the back of the galaxy 5 that logs your vitals, enabling you to track over time. The feature gives Samsung a competitive advantage in fitness; however, they would make the most impact in the fitness and small wearables market.

Why Samsung made the phone water resistant

Samsung’s move to include the water resistant features came with many questions. Why didn’t they implement it in the first place? You should, however, note that Samsung is not claiming true water proofing. But it has IP67 military spec, meaning that the smartphone can stay at a depth of 1 meter under water for about 30 minutes

What about the wireless charger?

Samsung galaxy S5 dies not have any wireless charging integrated. However, you can buy an accessory


Is Samsung Hub gone forever?

The answer to this would be yes and no. While it is no preloaded on the phone, you can still download as many apps as you want. Samsung has gone a mile reduce bloatware; therefore, removing the Hub before installing is a small concession to achieve a balance if all features that require big space that Samsung still includes as part of the galaxys5.

What’s new to the interface?

Yes. Samsung has added new features to its TouchWiz interface. You will be able to notice this in the organized camera app, the settings menu and notification tray. The virtual keyboard has also been tweaked and there are amazing wall papers. When you look carefully, you will notice that some apps have been renamed.

How fast is the camera?

Well, Samsung claims that Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fast camera and performs feats of autofocus in just 0.3 seconds. The focusing is exceeding rapid and what that means is that you can get more shots that you may not have otherwise caught.

Although the camera is perfect in automatic mode, it doesn’t struggle with fast moving objects, just like other cameras.

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How to Hide Super Secret Files In Your Samsung Galaxy S5

There are so many reasons as to why you may want to hide certain videos, photos and other files on your phone. Well, no one is judging you. Here, you will learn how to hide these files from prying eyes on your Samsung Galaxy 5.

1. Turn on the Private mode

There are two main ways in which you can turn on the Private Mode setting. You can use the notification bar which can be easily pulled down using one finger or the settings menu. If you choose the latter, open the settings and then go to Device. Scroll down to access Personalization subsection and tap the Private mode button.

2. Prove yourself

The private mode is now on. Your Galaxy 5 will present you with a security barrier, asking you to verify your identity. If you have the finger print scanner set on your lock screen, you will be asked to swipe your prints. You choose to ad an alternate password in case the swipe fails. You can also verify your identity with a PIN, password or pattern.

3. Select and move the files

If you want to put videos and photos lock and key, go to your photo gallery, tap on the Menu button and then select. Choose the photos you want to sequester and the tap “Menu” and select the move to private option.

A new gallery folder marked Private will appear, will your private items inside. Private pictures will bear an icon of a door with a key lock. In case, by mistake, you move an item in the privacy bucket, you don’t need to panic. You can use the same settings menu to reassign photos for general viewing.

4. View master list

If you are looking to glance at the items you have market private, Samsung galaxy s5 has a new way in which you can do that. With your Private mode on, open My Files folder from the app tray. Scroll down until you see Private. Tap the icon once.

The galaxy 5 will display your items in a list mode, but you can reorganize them or sort them into folders from the Menu button

5. Turn it off

This is very important. Now that you have managed to hide your super secret files, it’s time to do your galaxy s5 a favour and turn the Private mode off. You can do this by simply going to the settings and turning it off.

Once the private mode is off, you will notice that traces of the private folders disappear, including the option to access private folder in My Files.

Tips on how to use the Private mode

There are certain things that you need to consider when using Private Mode on your Samsung galaxy 5. The first things that you need to know are that it does not protect your browsing. Private browsing is a separate setting for chrome and default setting.

Also note that Private mode and Samsung Knox are not the same. The latter is an enterprise app that your company deploys to lock down sensitive files. On the other hand, Private mode is a personal feature you can use on your galaxys5 to keep your private files away.

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