A Tizen S5?

Reports of a possible Tizen S5 circulated the web earlier this month but without anyone from the South Korean giant confirming or denying it. The report which was first read from the Indonesian site showed Galaxy S4 donning a different operating system, which was actually Samsung’s homegrown Tizen OS. This post stirred quite a buzz and netizens around the web were quick to assume that we might finally see Samsung’s very own OS in its flagship phones starting with the Galaxy S5.

There is no denying that the marriage of Samsung and Google’s operating system, Android, is one of the most compatible one in tech history, and the duo even beat the once-formidable Apple. But Samsung has sets its eyes on even grandeur horizons, which is taking a slice of Google’s revenue by implementing their own OS in their smartphones.

Most of the rumors actually suggested that the Galaxy S5 will come in both Android 4.4 and Tizen operating systems. This seemed more plausible and favorable for the South Korean company, so they could test the waters first and see how the loyal fans of the Galaxy series will receive this change.

The interface seems like a harmonious mixture of Android, iOS and Windows. See these pictures grabbed from the same website:
Tizen S5

Along with this rumor, the new galaxy phone slated for a first quarter release next year is said to have a huge camera upgrade in the form of OIS or optical image stabilization. This feature is currently used by Nokia in their PureView models and on HTC’s ultrapixel technology.

Well, it seems that we’ll never see the end in Samsung’s quest for ultimate smartphone domination, and who knows, this may even prove to be another money-making machine for them. Remember we had our doubts when the first of Note series came out the market two years ago? But as usual, we’ll take this with a grain of salt until the folks from South Korea give their announcement.

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  1. iPhones are also infested I hear. But it’s easy to diabsle from a setting somewhere. In Android, you have a little work to do, but can diabsled. In both cases, you’re being tracked without you knowing, as default, which is bad from both platforms!

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