Expected Features Of The Yet Be Released Samsung Galaxy 5

Expected Features of the yet To Be Released Samsung Galaxy S5

Like any other new release, the expected launching of the new Samsung galaxy s5 series is causing a lot of buzz in the market. Samsung manufacturers are a force to reckon with in the production of smart phones and this explains the heightened interest in the expected release of its smart phone. The rumor surrounding the new galaxy 5 comes a few months after the release of the Samsung galaxy s4 and this in itself has caused a furore of debates on what the expected Samsung Galaxy 5 will feature differently. Samsung smart phones have been known to feature a plastic chassis something that most users have expressed dissatisfaction with. However, the release of the new Samsung galaxy s5 is expected to break away from the norm.

The yet to be released Samsung Galaxy 5 is expected to feature a 3.0 metal design which is a far cry for its predecessors plastic chassis. The smart phone is expected to come with an aluminum body which means that customers can finally experience the same features as Sony Xperia Z and HTC one. However, one of the drawbacks for a metal chassis is that customers will have to give up the advantage of free exchange of batteries. This is something that users of the previous smart phones enjoyed and which might prove to be problematic with the new smart phone.

What’s more? The yet to be released Samsung galaxy s5 will feature a 4GB RAM which is the first of its kind in the production and manufacturing of smart phones since time immemorial. The phone is expected to come with an improved camera of 16 megapixel led flash camera with a 2.5 megapixel front camera. The expected feature in the galaxy 5 is without a doubt the fingerprint scanner that is essentially intended to enhance security. This is a plus especially for individuals who have a penchant for forgetting their passwords. With a finger print scanner, forgetting of passwords may be a thing of the past.

It is expected to come with a 1 GB internal memory and external storage of up to 64GB. The galaxy 5 is expected to have a 5 inch high definition touch display which to be sincere is a lovely aspect. Its expected release is April 2014 and users can’t help but hold their breath as they wait for this new smart phone in the market. In essence, the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy 5 will without a doubt conquer the smart phone market by storm.


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