Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s Pt.2

What’s Under the Hood? The Battle of the Better Smartphone Experience

The new Galaxy phone has Android 4.2.2 out of the box, but as usual, the phone is skinned with Samsung’s own interface, the TouchWiz. For those who want vanilla Android though, Samsung has released S4 Google Play edition, which was the most recent variation of the new flagship from the South Korean company. iPhone 5s has iOS 7, which was a complete interface redesign we have not seen since iPhone became a household name.

It is also of note that the new iPhone didn’t so much make an upgrade to its camera as it still has 8 MP versus Samsung’s upping the ante to 13 MP. Does this tell that the Samsung S4’s camera is better than that of iPhone’s? I will post a detailed writeup on that in my next entry, so users can have a glimpse of the camera technology that both companies put in their smartphones.

Taking Samsung’s lead, the new iPhone is said to be twice as fast from iPhone 5 with a new chipset, the A7. The chip which was one of the highlights of the recent Apple keynote address, is built on a 64-bit architecture, the first ever smartphone to do so. However, some tech analysts argued that this innovation from Apple doesn’t have any application in the real world, or to put it simply, it was just another gimmickry from the folks in Cupertino.

If you will remember, Samsung Galaxy S4 also had a major bump in chipset as it was upgraded from Exynos 4412 Quad to Exynos 5 Octa 5410. However, this octa-core chipset is only available in select markets. For the true geeks out there, this improvement looks good not just in paper but also in terms of the performance, as this translates to better speeds, multitasking capabilities and overall experience. However there were reports that Samsung rigged benchmark scores to their advantage.

The Galaxy 4 also has 2 GB of RAM whereas the iPhone 5s is also said to have 2GB. RAM, or random access memory, is where the handset stores volatile memory and where the programs are held when its currently being ran. Both phones also come in 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory, only that Samsung S4 has the option to expand memory through external microSD up to an additional 64GB.

*This is the second part of a three-post series tackling how the new iPhone 5s stacks up against the current Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. For the first part, click here.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s Pt.2

  1. No background menu .. as silmpe as earlier.. and no change to boot screen due to .. new not editable widget pannel.. and ur menu is not just like old menu.. but it has became homescreen & menu..As i m using value pack .. i know that this happyness will not last long .. as value pack lacks much more things..but its better for a change..except 2-3 extra feature u will get nothing..+tive points..1. a bit improved ui. & homescreen widget.2. java chaton in main menu3. making shortcut in. homescreen. for menu icons.. & bookmarks.4. java app & music player. as multi tasking.. working together.5. making folder in home and main menu screen..else nothing.-tive points1. music player lagging still.2. till now no process for background change.. or boot screen change..3. widget in homescreen -is noneditable..u cant remove it if u r not using ..- means proccessor unneccessary loaded.4. if u think that bada 2.0 appwill support.. just forget..5. ui is not so good some were it will look u old.. in setting ..6. if u think wifi direct no such birds available ..and rest after use u can explore..

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